Wraith’s Dream, Earth 2150CE

23rd February, 2150 Common Era

I’m stuck with this damned Vitalink implant. Last year, they jammed it into me, pinning me down because I was hell-bent against it. Bloody spyware, maybe even control-ware. All that media nonsense we all got bombarded with before they unleashed their scheme worldwide. Of course, there was a massive uproar. Who’d want those fools monitoring every moment of their day? Can’t even take a dump in peace without the implant beeping. What’s it want, a reminder to wipe? Ridiculous.

Anyway, what I want is for this thing to tell me when humanity can finally escape this hell hole planet. It better be soon because clocks tickin’. We’re just waiting for some earth-shattering breakthrough from those lab-coat-wearing geniuses. You know, the ones obsessed with finding things that might not even be out there – like advanced space energy sources, habitable planets, or some mythical crystal that predicts the future. Sure, it’s great they’re searching, but think about it. Decades, maybe centuries, and what for? The Global Space Consortium’s bill is astronomical, and what do we have to show for it?

24th February, 2150 Common Era

Wow, just wow! It’s like my thoughts got pulled right out of my head. And no, I’m not blaming the Vitalink this time – that’s a joke.

Turns out, those science lab coat buffs have stumbled onto something big. They’re calling it ‘A mysterious black hole that seems to defy physics.’ What they mean is this black hole might be a gateway to something way more mind-blowing – a vast, interconnected omniverse. And here’s the kicker: it’s so enormous that Earth is like a mere cell in comparison. Depending on how you look at it, that’s either incredibly awe-inspiring or deeply unsettling.

28th February, 2150 Common Era

I completely lost track of time after getting thoroughly lost in a Drift-induced haze today. As the effects started to wane, I stared into what seemed like a cosmic abyss. I realised our planet is a speck in an immense, complex cosmos filled with civilisations, each thriving on their habitable celestial spheres. My Drift visions have shown me all sorts of things: technologies that defy understanding, primitively eerie beings, and dystopian societies flourishing amid ruin. In their cryptic way, these visions reassure me that everything will turn out just fine.

It’s strange. Grasping the full impact of my insights is a real challenge for me. There’s this deep-seated urge to embark on a personal odyssey, delve into the unknown, expand my knowledge, and devote more effort to refining my Pranadi system. Like tonight, if I hadn’t been lost in a Drift, I could have delved deeper into the mysteries of this black hole. But the first step is to locate it, not out there, but within – in my dreams, mind, and realm of imagination. Only there can I begin to unravel the true nature of the omniverse, its dwellers, and the enigma surrounding this black hole

Yeah, it all sounds profound. But once I make it there, what wonders will unfold before me? Here’s what I’m thinking – civilisations with advanced technology, societies that have surpassed the boundaries of biology and science, and beings that have mastered the power of this colossal black hole, almost like a cosmic-scale Dyson Swarm, tapping into its energy for all it’s worth. That’s the vision. And what form will these beings take? Not human, not bi-oid, but something entirely different. Something beyond our wildest imaginings, superior to anything we could ever hope to become.

No need to worry; I won’t stir up any trouble. I’m not planning to mess with anything or anyone – just a light-footed wanderer in this newfound omniverse. I’ll be there, quietly unravelling age-old mysteries and maybe even grappling with the ultimate question of existence. And who knows, I might bump into a few moral dilemmas. Trust me, I’m not exactly the poster child for handling those well. Choices will be made, paths chosen, each with the potential to turn my dream upside down. Talk about a load of responsibility I wasn’t looking for.

Just as I’m beginning to settle into my new existence, adapting to life on this alien planet in a universe unlike any other, reality will rudely interrupt. Some disturbance, maybe you, will snap me out of it. I will leap up, frustration and revelation colliding as I shout, ‘I am on the brink of the new omniverse. Now, leave me alone. I will be significant in this new world. It sees me. And I see it, too.’ Yeah, that’s what I’ll say.

12th March, 2150 Common Era

What the —?

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