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The Mindstein Show is a podcast series that will focus your creative mind, help you collaborate effectively, increase your creative inspiration and get you to a place where you can confidently shake off all your creative doubts. Our goal is to help you work faster, smarter and get a grip on all those hassles and mind bending problems you have by just being you.

We cover topics like creative anxiety, brainstorming, managing difficult people, getting feedback (good and bad), failure, and how to leave your creative ego at the door when you sit in front of a client.

Our goal is to move you forward in your creative ability, through understanding yourself, your talent and your industry. By helping you understand all the ups and all the downs you’ll encounter, we’ll help you be the successful creative you deserve to be.

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To kick start the podcast we’ve recorded a series of Creative Pause Episodes. These are no more than 4-10 minutes in length and are created to give you a quick insight into new ways of thinking and thoughts on common creative problems we all encounter. They’re designed to be listened to over a coffee or when you’re taking a break from your desk.

Rash, snap and blink decisions – Creative Pause Episode
Rash, snap and blink decisions – Crea...
The good, bad and ugly of decision making. A recent study shows that people weigh risk and reward differently when...
June 01, 2022
Think about thinking – Creative Pause Episode
Think about thinking – Creative Pause...
Whether we’re driving our cars, reading a book, texting a friend, or eating a pizza, we’re using our brains. T...
June 01, 2022
Why we get creative anxiety – Creative Pause Episode
Why we get creative anxiety – Creativ...
The following episode offers no fix for anxiety, however it hopefully provides an opinion that will help you think...
May 30, 2022
Don't fear failure – Creative Pause Episode
Don't fear failure – Creative Pause E...
Living a creative life can often feel like one long road trip riddled with disappointments, blows, failures and fr...
May 25, 2022
Managing disagreeable people – Creative Pause Episode
Managing disagreeable people – Creati...
How to manage someone who is either disagreeing with you, disagreeable, or controlling. By standing back and appre...
May 25, 2022
What is creative thinking? – Creative Pause Episode
What is creative thinking? – Creative...
Why is it, that some people come up with brilliant ideas, while others can’t? How do they connect all the dots, ...
May 13, 2022
Think differently! – Creative Pause Episode
Think differently! – Creative Pause E...
Training your brain to think differently literally changes your brain. This episode highlights 3 key areas of Cogn...
May 11, 2022
The Mindstein Show – Introduction
The Mindstein Show – Introduction
The Mindstein Show is a podcast series that will focus your creative mind, help you collaborate effectively, incre...
April 12, 2022
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