Who’s 5pectrl and why’s he got a deadcat?

It’s no secret – I love field recording, sound design, experimentation, foley and sfx. I’ve got a home studio that brims with the latest tech music gear, alongside an array of vintage synths, drum machines, keyboards, plus a bunch of homemade instruments.

I can actually play the saxophone (for over 40 years now), but nowadays it’s all in the electronic domain – yep, electronic saxophones. I dabble with my various guitars, and think I’m Elton John when I sit in front of a keyboard or synth.

Everything I do (that’s worthy) is uploaded to Soundcloud. This is home to my sound, audio, field and foley projects.

Here’s my page – https://soundcloud.com/deadcataudio

Back in 2020 I decided to give myself both an artist name 5PECTRL, for all my music composing, scoring and recording. And also a producer name DEADCAT, for all the field recordings, foley and sound effects I create. You’ll find both on the one Soundcloud account.

Here is a selection of tracks and samples. Although, I recommend going to Soundcloud and using headphones. I’m not suggesting headphones will improve my recordings, but at least you’ll be able to hear how bad they are! 🙂

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