Homemade electromagnetic microphone

I thought I’d try my hand at recording electrical signals. Easy right? Well you can’t just hold a conventional microphone near a laptop or mobile phone and hear what’s going on inside. What you need is a Electromagnetic Pickup Microphone.

I couldn’t find one that was cheap enough just to experiment with – so I decided to make one.

The sound file includes some very simple recordings whilst I sat at in my home office; laptop, computer screen, speakers, mobile phone, lightbulb, music synthesiser – stuff like that.

Here’s a few links on ‘How to make an electromagnetic microphone’. It only involves a couple of easily available components, a soldering iron, steady hand and a little patience. Two of these things I can buy, the other two I’ve never had!



And this is my homemade electromagnetic microphone. No the prettiest thing, but it works!

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